Grant Ojanen's Creations

Play as a frog that needs to go on a global adventure to save his wife.
Explore, solve puzzles, and platform through alien planets
Survive to unlock new guns and levels!
Play as Poncho Pat, the meanest outlaw in the west.
Simple but challenging finger tap mini-golf.
Play as a chicken being chased by a rhino.
Help Sciron feed his pet turtle, Tim!
Shoot your way through the planet of the evil, flying, space pigs.
Play 112 sounds from over 50 different animals.
Pick colors with RGB sliders, HSV sliders, or from images.
Browse, Search and Bookmark UTF-8 Characters
Convert decimal numbers to words up to 69 digits.
Compass - GPS - Location History - More
Check links before applications open them.
Count up your money or get change with USD Counter
Shake or press the button to whip it!